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“Embracing the past, shaping the present, and inspiring the future.”


Alexandria Tart 

MD candidate at Stanford Medicine

In the Boldrini Lab, worked on examining neural stem cells in the postmortem human brain in the context of depression, epilepsy, Alzheimer's and most recently COVID-19. Now, as a medical student in the Parker lab, she hopes to study mechanisms that underlie social deficits in autism and other disorders of low-sociality. 


Medical Director of Emergency Psychiatry at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist


MD candidate at Weill Cornell Medical College.

In the Boldrini Lab, investigated the effects of aging and Major Depressive Disorder on neural stem cells and the hippocampal proteome to understand the decline of memory and learning ability over time.

Camille Fulmore.jpg

Camille Fulmore

PhD student at UC Berkeley. Experienced research scientist with over 4 years of laboratory research experience in tissue culture, stem cell line generation and differentiation, RNA purification, experience with various quantitative assays and histopathological techniques to evaluate postmortem human brain tissue.


Tanya Butt

PhD student at Columbia University in the Environmental Health Sciences program. Hopes to continue studying environmental factors implicated in neurological disease.

Dhruv Limaye.jpg

Dhruv Limaye

MD Candidate at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Passionate about innovative solutions, improving health outcomes through the convergence of clinical research, generative AI, machine learning and data science.

Yang Xiao.jpg

Yang Xiao, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher at Columbia University in the City of New York

Huber Rodriguez.jpg

Huber Rodriguez-Tejada

Sexual Violence Response Advocate at Columbia university. Currently counsels' students who have experienced sexual violence both in the office and during on-call hours. 


Suzuka Nitta

Clinical Research Coordinator 

New York Presbyterian Hospital - Columbia University Medical Center 

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